Kansas Mission Of Mercy Coming to Dodge City

Donations and Hundreds of volunteers needed. Dodge City has been selected as the site of the 2014 Kansas Mission of Mercy (KMOM) dental clinic. The project will take place February 28th through March 1st at the Dodge City Western State Bank Expo Center. Drs. Richard McFadden and Richard Stein, both Dodge City based dentists, will co-chair the event. KMOM is a two-day clinic designed to provide urgent dental care to approximately 2000 patients on a first come, first served basis. No advance registration is needed. Sponsored by the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation, KMOM is about giving Kansans access to dental care they may not otherwise get. Each clinic is supported entirely by the generosity of private and corporation donations, and by the hundreds of dental and medical professionals who donate their time and energy staffing and running the clinics. Since its inception ten years ago, approximately 7,000 volunteers have helped to provide 23,000 patients with $12 million in dental care they could not otherwise afford. This care includes urgent dental needs such as extractions, fillings, oral surgery and dental hygiene for both children and adults. It is expected that nearly 150 dentists, 150 dental hygienists, 175 dental assistants, and hundreds of local volunteers will donate their time and energy to the Dodge City clinic. A local planning committee is tasked with raising $120,000 in donations and recruiting hundreds of local volunteers needed to facilitate the Dodge City KMOM event. Community support is needed to provide thousands of Dodge City and Ford County residents with free dental care. “We are very excited that the next project is coming to Dodge City,” said Dr. McFadden. “This event will help provide many of our citizens with dental care that they cannot afford.” To volunteer to help with the event, contact the RSVP and Volunteer Center at 620-227-7077 or by email at dallen@dc3.edu. Anyone wishing to make a monetary donation can do so at the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation website by check or credit card. For local donations of goods and money, contact dans@dodgechamber.com


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